Upyri Synopsis

The Upyri universe is an exploration of creation using historical, spiritual, metaphysical, magical and scientific references. The universe begins when a trinity of extra-dimensional beings combines their powers to create something greater than themselves. This journey explores the role of purpose, expectation and free will through blood and family. The first stories presented from The Universe center around humans, vampires and other creatures of lore as they work toward finding redemption for themselves and those they love. We hope to spark dialogue that explores more of what makes everyone similar.

Explore the Upyri Universe's 7 Lessons Anthology Series

Written by Jason Franklin, Art by Caitlin "KK" Nixon

The Land of Blood and Bone
When Marine Sgt. John Adoyo’s unit in Iraq is ambushed and insurgents capture him, he experiences a night of torture revealing a buried past that will change his life forever.

Genre: Action Thriller, Political Drama

Written by Arnar Heidmar, Art by Alda

Trust in Blood
When a family spat prompts debutante Margret Gibson to sulk on the “wrong” side of town, she enters a world that is more dangerous than she could imagine.

Genre: Supernatural Drama

Written by Alexander Altman, Art by Cheuk Po

A Love that Never Died
Delilah is a passion merchant that deals in the currency of political favors but when her own fragile psyche is confronted by a secret from her past her quest for revenge threatens everything that she has built.

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Political Drama

Our Team

Meet the creative team behind the Upyri Universe


Editor / Artist

Born July 7, 1989, in Birmingham Alabama, I took ballet and piano for several years before forgoing it all and dedicating myself to art and writing. Drawing became such an ingrained necessity within me that I knew I wanted to do more with it so enrolled into Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, graduating with a BFA in Animation and Sequential Art. 

I’m currently an advertising designer for Cox Automotive but have worked on several animated shorts that have gone to festivals such as ‘Jaguar McGuire’, ‘It’s A Living’, and ‘Passing’, and worked with several other writers and comic artist on other graphic novel and mini comic projects.



Jason Franklin is a writer with a passion for storytelling and bringing new, unique ideas to life. Graduating from Full Sail University Orlando, FL with a Master’s in Creative Writing in 2014, he was fortunate enough to link up with the Upyri movement in Atlanta, GA as a means of incorporating his newfound skills into an out-of-this-world creative endeavor, one which has resulted in the graphic telling of the haunted life of Mr. John Adoyo. He appreciates the unyielding support of his readers and feels blessed to be invited into the World of Upyri, an invitation which will inevitably bring barrels of innovative ideas and exciting content to the masses.



Heidmar is a young, up-and-coming writer that's been working professionally in comics for well over a year now. Hailing from Iceland and being still wet around the ears, he's written for a variety of mediums including comics, prose stories, picture books, and even co-writing and co-producing a season of an in-production comedy web show.

Arnar has been published both physically and digitally in Canada, the UK and Belgium, and has a half-dozen creator-owned projects in the works with a variety of incredibly talented creators. He's worked with people from all over the globe, from the US to Argentina, Taiwan to Romania, Australia to Spain, as well as a large swath of LGBT+ creators.



Alda has been working as a digital artist for over 5 years, and dabbled in various projects and art mediums. Throughout this time she's maintained a sizable online presence, engaging with fans and even making some small comic strips that exploded in popularity online.

This will be the second time she collaborates with Arnar, which she plans to do more frequently after this comic. This will, however, be her first professionally print-published comic book, for which she's both excited and a bit unnerved.



Dominic Racho is a comic book artist native from Cebu, an island in the Philippines.

After taking up Architecture in college, his ongoing passion for comic book unrelentingly continues, he created a few popular comic strip "From Junquera with Love", which still runs today for over 2 decades in a local news paper in his country. His first international indie comic book work which he also co-created is "Tommy Zombie" from Slackjaw comics.

In 2013 launched his own comic book projects under "Inkbleed Studios" which he manages. In his spare time, Dominic enjoys a good happy hour with friends and family, A father of four children on which his eldest son is also a comic book artist.



My name is Oscar Gongora and I started my professional career in 1996 at Comicraft with one thing in mind, to let my work make the world a more delightful and fun place.

I can turn your thoughts into fun comic book pages. I take pride in my ability to execute professional lettering, while simultaneously developing relationships with clients. Ensuring that their vision is reflected in my work.

I have developed a love for lettering stories for creative people like you. I am here at our services.

About Us

Upyri Overview

In 2011 Lonnie Jackson conceived Upyri to help people understand that redemption is available to all who seek it regardless of culture, flaws, sins or situations. Upyri was presented to the masses using a newly created platform called a cinematic music video (CMV), a combination of film and music. Three web videos were produced. The combination of infectious melodies, stylish production and internationally represented characters created a positive impact on a vast audience, but something was missing.

Lonnie saw the need to clarify the platform and the story of the characters. It was decided that the history of the Upyri Universe would be constructed from the starting point of creation. As a company with a faith-based compass, this idea resonated and thus the seven laws of Upyri were born. These laws: Confession, Sacrifice, Understanding, Love, Discipline, Diligence, and Obedience are the foundation from which each story could clearly express a pathway to Redemption.

Whether you are visiting us for the first time or you are a fan that has been waiting patiently, we are excited and pleased to invite you into the Upyri Universe. It is our sincerest desire that you enter the world of our characters; share in their joys and their sorrows as they travel on a path to redemption!

Omnibus LLC

What is the Omnibus LLC

The Omnibus is a character based entertainment company, focused on character creation and story development through literary works such as comic books, graphic novels, novels and much more.

Our Mission

The mission of the Omnibus is to connect people to a higher consciousness through the development of diverse stories and uniquely created characters. These characters have depth, free will and various relatable experiences. They help to rehabilitate, educate and inspire people, while also seeking redemption for themselves.

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